Méliès: Sputnik


It’s the 60’s and Russia is about to prove its sovereignty by putting the first man on Space. Our cosmonaut is Nikolay, and his dream has just become true when everything goes wrong. An explosion in a part of the ship makes it impossible for him to return alive. As he orbits the earth with no hope left, he will make an encounter that will change the course of his life.  Read More

Méliès: Adam Peiper


The year is 2984. The setting is a dark and sterile workplace. A man has a very repetitive job. He just put a paper at a time in an envelope. Over and over. We also get to meet his boss, who only cares about efficiency and her own career. It first seems like an ordinary and boring day of the worker’s life. Soon things will take a turn, and not for the better.  Read More

Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children


The teenage rebel mouse Dinky survived the devastating industrial accident on the island several years earlier – but is this really a life worth living? The post-apocalyptic existence is lined with darkness, death, uncomprehending parents, depression, glue-sniffing thug rats, drugs, psychosis and demons and Dinky has had enough. It is time to leave this godforsaken gravesite for an island. But she refuses to leave the mute outsider Birdboy behind. Psychonauts, The Forgotten... Read More

Religion/supernatural: Zero


Short after a family tragedy, a boy and his father are trying to find a way to cope with the new circumstances, when earth suddenly and intermittently starts losing its gravity. The boy struggles to find answers about his mother, while the father desperately tries to keep the last bits of his family on the ground. This is a short with as much visual effects as heart.  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Uróboros, eternal return


A weird stop-motion animated film with cogwheels, glowing eye sockets, a big long-legged death spider and the inside of a human being. And it’s about the eternal life cycle also known as Ouroboros  Read More

BED1 – Tuck me in


Daddy is just going to saygoodnight to his son. This is the micro-movie that succeeds in turning an ordinary situation into horror and give you the creeps in just a minute. Nighty-night! Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Mienin


Three weeks ago we received the news that shook the world. Today’s date has been imprinted in everyone’s minds. We follow M, a calm, older gentleman who observes the chaos in the world in the hours before… Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More

BED1 – Timothy


The babysitter thinks the little boy should stop watching the kids show with the colorful rabbit Timothy. Something she might soon regret when the real-life Timothy pays them a visit. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More

BED2 – Suddenly one night


A woman is home alone when a distressed man knocks on her door. He tells her that he’s a neighbor from upstairs and that he’s had a break-in, but the worst part is that the burglars are still inside… Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Through the breaking glass


In a magical world, Alice collects mirror pieces to escape. Will she make it in time before the dark powers can reach her? This is a fantasy adventure where fiction, dreams and reality blend. Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More