Kidspack: Tim & Leon + short film package


Tim and Leon are two brothers living a happy life as pancake sellers, working, eating, playing and sleeping. One day Tim’s secret admirer, Pauline, shows up. Pauline has travelled around the world and she turns the brothers’ lives up side down. Tim’s not ready for a relationship and Leon starts sleepwalking, so Pauline decides to leave them. After a while she gets in touch and invites the brothers to her travels, which turn out to be quite an adventure. Viktor Rauer ... Read More

Short: A Better World


Henry is working as a surveillant in a totalitarian state that has recently banned smiling in public. When the regime falls, people are celebrating in the streets, but Henry can’t handle the transition. His whole world has fallen apart. Screened before: Cheap Thrills  Read More



Love is a powerful thing, but what it makes us do, even more so. During a holiday in Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alex gets hit by a car. His recuperation is slow and painful until he one morning experiences a burning sensation whilst stood in the breaking sunlight. Alex questions the blood transfusions he received in the Romanian hospital and his sanity is put to the test when the reflection in the mirror starts looking more like a vampire than himself. His everyday life... Read More

Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps

What do three men in a remote cabin do when they want female companionship? Most might drive to the nearest pub, but for those willing to make a pact with the Devil, there is a shortcut: Creating a sennentuntschi. When the men say a certain rhyme over a straw doll, it becomes a young woman who serves them both in the kitchen and in bed. But there is a price to pay… A dirty, languageless girl shows up in a tiny alpine village. No one knows where she came from but everyone... Read More

The Turin Horse

Béla Tarr’s latest film (partly written in Lund) is a cinematic experience beyond the ordinary. Its intense portrayal of two people’s gradual path to their last destination took the critics by storm at this year’s film festival in Berlin. It all begins with a brief story about how the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche one day witnessed a horse being abused on the streets of Turin, and threw himself around its neck to protect it. Bela Tarr open up for his perhaps most minimalistic film... Read More

The Sandman

In this modern fairy tale we get to see Sandman in a way we’ve never seen him before. In the form of an arrogant perfectionist named Benno, who according to himself has a pretty nice life. The only thing that seems to stand in the way is his neighbour, Sandra. She plays loud, passionate tango. He plays classical music. They threaten each other and fight using chairs and mops. After a night filled with strange dreams about Sandra, Benno wakes up in a bed filled with sand. Sand... Read More