This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy


What happened to the good old days of sci-fi, when the spacecrafts were real models, monsters were made of latex and laser weapons a silver-plated curling iron?That was the question Christian Nicolson asked himself and then proceeded to make probably the most charming and most kitschy sci-fi tribute in ages! Three regular guys thrown into a parallel world that is like an old science fiction movie. Trapped in a low-budget universe they must somehow fight their way home before it... Read More



Following its premiere at South by Southwest, Housebound is mentioned as one of this year’s genre essentials. A twisty horror-comedy that is entirely its own thing, with close to manic acting by Morgana O´Reilly as insolent and vicious failed criminal Kylie, sentenced to house arrest in her childhood home, which her chatterbox of a mother guarantees is haunted. When said haunting proves anything but babble, Kylie takes matters into her own hand, resolved not to take any crap... Read More

SPACE – Over the moon


The true story about the first moon landing and what really happened. Contrary to popular belief, things didn’t go as smooth as planned – since the Americans weren’t first on the moon. Part of the short film package Spacetime stories.  Read More

Fresh Meat


With soapy girl school-love, a big fat bad guy in pretty flowery undies, a maori family that’s had ”a wee change of lifestyle”, and plenty of drugs and gore, this deliciously tasteless cannibalistic kiwi comedy is… well, just that: Gut wrenchingly funny. Rina Crane has just returned home from her boarding school escapades to her maori middle class family. Her mother is a famous TV chef and her father (Temuera Morrison, Once Were Warriors, Star Wars) is a failed... Read More