ANIMATED: Short but Sweet


The title says it all. Here you really have to keep on your toes not to miss anything, because everything is on highest speed when a hero, a princess, a dragon and everything else that takes place in a classic saga shall be crammed into a two minute film. Our ciceron in this animated gem is the magician who also needs to hurry our hero in order for him to get the job done. Text: Benny Lange  Read More

HORROR: Sweet Tooth


This short, but effective horror flick is about a young woman named Elin. The upstairs neighbor is a mother with two children. The children are making noise and goes on her nerves. One night she’s watching the news and they say the children upstairs have been murdered. But she can still hear them. Text: Jimmy Seiersen  Read More

22 Mei

In his second film Koen Mortier (Ex-Drummer) explores difficult and tragically topical subjects; love, loneliness, sorrow, guilt and terrorism.The lonely middle aged Sam works as a security guard at a mall. We get to follow him on what was supposed to be just another day on the job, one that suddenly turnes into a nightmare. A young man detonates a bomb in the mall, Sam survives and does everything in his power to save as many people as he can, but he collapses and has to stop.... Read More

Two Eyes Staring

When her grandmother dies, Lisa’s mother inherits her big, beautiful house in the Dutch countryside. But she is reluctant to live there and refuses to give any proper explanation. However, after some persuasion on the side of her husband they move in. One evening, Lisa goes down to the cellar, where she meets Karen – her mother’s dead twin sister. Her mother never mentioned Karen and won’t admit she ever had a sister. Strange, frightening things are starting to happen... Read More


Christmas comes early for fans of the nasty stuff. The Dutch horrorveteran Dick Maas’ (Amsterdamned, The Lift, Killer Babies) new film Saint became contorversial even before its release due to its poster which upset parents ment would ruin christmas and traumatize their children. Priceless PR, of course. It’s the christmas holidays in Amsterdam and a couple of girls are walking home from school, scaring each other with the urban legend concerning Sinterklaas (americanized... Read More