SCI-FI: 2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be


We’re in Chicago in the dystopian world of 2204. Mankind has managed to deal with overpopulation with a strict policy, a new life for an old one. A man who just became a father is sitting in a waiting room. His grandfather has agreed to exchange his life for that of the child. A big dilemma arises when his wife gives birth to triplets. All the children can’t live according to the aforementioned policy. The film is based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut who also wrote... Read More

SCI-FI: The Boogeys


In a dystopian future humans live under the rule of the mysterious Benefactors. An ex cop, turned private detective, takes a job involving a missing child. While moving through the slums in his search, he meets an old colleague, who does not want to get involved in fear of a group called The Boogeys. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

Death on Scenic Drive


A young woman named Larissa is about take care of a house for a couple of days, in the middle of nowhere. In the calm before the storm and the fierce silence surrounding the place, a mysterious discomfort creeps closer and closer. Strange sounds, dead birds and unexplained events are just the beginning. Soon something has taken over Larissa, something bloodthirsty and brutal and the future for the few people in her immediate vicinity, quickly changes to look very, very dark. Very,... Read More



The year is 1929 and a group of botanist students go out on a two month expedition in the american wilderness, but when they arrive at their camp they discover that the professor thay were supposed to meet as mysteriously vanished and that their provisions have been destroyed. The students don’t let the odd circumstances scare them and they decide to continue the research without supervision, putting their faith in their hunting rifles and fishing gear to provide them with food.... Read More

HORROR: Cowboy of Mount Laurier


A girl is standing at her machine at the laundromat while talking on the phone with her sister. We see a junkie sneak in on his way to steal her valuables while she aren’t watching. But just before he gets close another man in the laundromat slams a newspaper hard on a machine and points on the junike who leaves the laundromat. The girl who is greatful starts talking to her mysterious saviour. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More



Breathtaking insect mutation straight down a monstrous spiral of darkness, outrageously well-made icky and sticky stuff, peerless craftsmanship on the department of practical special effects and a reputation of being responsible for several people vomiting at the genre film festival Fantasia. Now, does not that sound like a delight? Just before Casey is about to have the dubious pleasure of marrying her fiancé Jared she and her friends go on a bachelorette trip to a paradise... Read More

Mars et Avril

Mars et Avril 2

Without enough money, it was all about love and time, said director Martin Villeneuve recently on the TED stage where he talked about how he made a visually stunning sci-fi on a shoestring budget. A Czech-Canadian sci-fi in French might feel like something rather odd. And you’re right, the Montreal-based director’s invitation to his future hometown doesn’t resemble much you’ve seen before. Based on his graphic novels March et Avril is a retro-designed neo noir where... Read More

I Declare War

I Declare War

If you can be interrogated while you’re ”dead” – are you then really dead? A bunch of 12 year olds are deeply enganged in the seemingly innocent game ”Capture the Flag”. Brace-faced kid PK Sullivan is the Napoleon of the woods and has won every war he ever fought. But when his enemy Skinner one day kidnaps one of Sullivan’s soldiers and then ”kills” his own general, everything is turned upside-down. The war of wars has started and the line between ”death”... Read More



A big, adorable sleepwalking cannibal and an artist of debatable moral standards (is there any other kind?) in a Fargoesque environment. A well-played, funny film with perfect comic timing. The world famous Danish artist Lars Olafssen is having the artist equivalent of writer’s block. He hasn’t painted a thing in ten years. So he goes to Canada hoping to paint while teaching at the local art school. But inspiration is nowhere to be seen and the canvases remain... Read More


Remember, it’s not about the killing. It’s about family! Evil Count Draculon is taking over the world with his demon army. A small group of rebels is still standing up to him, but they’re falling, one by one. After a devastating battle, one wounded is saved to a life as a cyborg. With a motley crew he takes the fight in true Mortal Kombat style – complete with weird special effects and the sound perfectly out of sync (and tune). Manborg is a tribute to old... Read More