Asura Girl


17 years have passed since the now cult classic anime Blood: The Last Vampire had its premiere, and during those years, the story about the demon hunting vampire named Saya has given rise to a huge number of sequels, prequels and spin-offs. In 2002 the adventures of Saya continued in a manga adaption, followed an anime spin-off series in 2005 named Blood+ and another named Blood-C in 2011. The Blood-universe has been expanded even further through literary novels, video games and... Read More

Hentai Kamen: The Abnormal Crisis


Everyones panty fitted favorite superhero is back in a new adventure! All of you who remember the celebrated screening of the first Hentai Kamen a couple of years ago, know what you have to expect. For the rest of you, imagine a nice pervert Peter Parker that chases panty thieves and crooks. And this time he meets his greatest enemy so far! Kyosuke Shikijo is trying to find a healthy balance between his new life as an ordinary college student and his secret life as a superhero... Read More

Swedish shorts: Figure A


This short film lets us follow an interplanetary explorer who crash lands on a strange and barren planet during its travels. Soon it starts explore the surroundings and the cultural remains of a civilisation. All takes place in black and white world that transcend into a surreal explosion of colors.  Read More

Animerat: The Eye of the Storm


Like a dance that flows somewhere between here and dreamland, this beautiful animation will keep you hypnotize, swirling around in the calm of the storm.  Read More

Kaijyu Mono


Minoru Kawasaki’s The Calamari Wrestler is one of the most crazy and entertaining movies I’ve seen from Japan in the 2000s, and when I heard he’d made a Kaijyu Vs. Wrestlers film, I knew that we had to have it. And boy! Does it ever deliver! A giant monster is threatening Japan and the only one who can do something about it is a disgraced scientist who likes to cosplay female anime characters. He manages to transform his scrawny sidekick into a giant version... Read More

Love & Peace


Warning! This film contains music which will cause extreme humming-along! Ryoichi wanted to be a punk singer. Instead, he is forced into the soul-crushing life of a bullied office-rat. He is in love with Yuko, a like-absentminded colleague he lack the confidence to speak to. To calm his loneliness, Ryoichi adopts a turtle he names Pikadon, which he accidentally and with great anguish flushes after an incident at work. Pikadon is found by an old man who makes animals and toys speak... Read More

Why don’t you play in hell?


Fuck Bombers is an amateur film crew on the verge of splitting after a decade of passionately bad action pastiches. They are drawn into a yakuza war when boss Muto searches for a role for his stormy teen daughter Mitsuko, who as a kid made her name with a famed toothpaste commercial. Absolute craziness ensues, in terms of both plot och style. Shion Sono’s latest has been dubbed a Japanese Kill Bill. If that makes you go watch it, good. But this is another beast entirely.... Read More

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni kenshin

We all have one or two regrets in life. Some have more. Kenshin Himura belongs to the latter kind. The year is 1868 and after extinguishing everyone who came in his way as the ruthless assassin Hitokiri Battousai, he suddenly vanishes. It is now ten years later. He has wandered across the whole empire and tried to pay his dues by helping the helpless, without harming, without killing. His famous sword has been traded in for one with the sharp end turned the wrong way. Now, he... Read More

HK: Forbidden Superhero


Kyosuke Shikijo is a daydreamer who even gets bullied by his own mother (a dominatrix) for being such a wimp. But when danger comes to town, something unexpected happens: his genes get activated, and Kyosuke turns into Hentai Kamen – The Masked Pervert. With worn panties on his head, fishnet stockings, his tighty whities pulled up over his shoulders Borat-style and posing like Sailor Moon, Hentai Kamen comes to the rescue. With a bunch of dirty tricks in his back pocket (figuratively... Read More

Bushido Man


”Get to know your opponent through what he eats.” This is the teaching of Master Gensai. Back from one year’s pilgrimage throughout Japan, the time has come for Toramaru to show that he has honored that discipline during his adventures. He has faced seven different enemies, all martial experts with their own unique weapon skills, but not before eating his way through their favorite menus at local restaurants. There is a correlation between egg noodles, fried rice and chicken... Read More