Short: MicroTime


A hobby scientist builds a time machine using the microwave. This is not appreciated by his girlfriend, especially since he keeps disappearing in the middle of conversations.  Read More

Big Bad Wolves


A rowdy macho cop, a vigilante father of a murdered girl, an elementary school teacher whom everybody suspects is the most brutal serial killer in recent history. After a game of cat-and-mouse with more plot-turns than a season finale of Falcon Crest, lock the whole gang in a soundproof basement and let them work out their differences. Add more plot-turns. Hard-boiled and absurd, this Israeli thriller resembles in tone that successful breed of dark crime-comedies that Danish cinema... Read More

The Congress

The Congress

Director of highly acclaimed Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman is back with a staggering creation. A colorful hallucinogenic trip into a surreal future where nothing is what it seems to be. Actress Robin Wright (played by Robin Wright) is starting to get old in the eyes of Hollywood and is offered one last contract. A studio wants to digitalize her by scanning her body as well as her soul and buy the right to use her in all kinds of films, forever. But what on earth does that really... Read More