Short: The Girl With The Mechanical Maiden


An inventor and his wife dies and leaves their only child in the hands of an invention. The Mechanical Maiden.  Read More

Dark Touch


Darkness. Fire. Things moving, seemingly on their own, and in the middle of it all: the children. When Niamh’s family dies in a strange accident in their home, their friends take her in as foster child. They try to give her the comfort she needs, but this turns out to be difficult . Niamh is unable to handle tenderness and sinister things keep happening around her. It appears that much was seriously wrong in Niamh’s family – and, furthermore, that there is something very... Read More

Love Eternal

love eternal

Only 26 years old, the recluse Ian has already lost both his parents. He is now completely alone and obsessed with death – the only thing he can really relate to. So he decides to take his own life. But as Ian sits there in a beautiful, snowy forest, ready to gas himself to death, he witnesses a mass suicide. He drops the sleeping pills and for some reason decides to bring one of the corpses, a young woman dressed as an indie popper, home. He sleeps next to her body and... Read More



Almost two decades after Interview with the Vampire, Oscar-winning filmmaker Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) once again opens the door to new bloodsuckers in Byzantium, a sensually beautiful tale that brings new blood to an ancient genre. Gemma Arterton is far from her recent role as a prudish choir leader in A Song for Marion, when she, as the stripping bloodsucker Clara, rips the head off a rowdy customer mere nanoseconds after the title sequence has ended. Together with her equally... Read More



Six odd teens break into a big luxurious house and let go of all restraints. Massive amounts of drugs and alcohol are consumed and the house is slowly demolished. A countdown to the storm which is about to break loose when it is discovered that one of the kids actually lives in the house. Anger, betrayal but above all confusion drives them all to the edge as they desperately try to figure out what is really going on. Academy Award nominated Kirsten Sheridan (In America)... Read More


A modern interpretation of one of the absolute classics of gothic literature. When Rebecca’s already fragile world is threatened by things that cannot, should not be real, she is forced to question both herself and everything she knows. This is a story about desire, obsession and death, friendship and jealousy – and all those other things you can expect at a catholic school for girls. (Oh yes. You know.) The Moth Diaries is an adaptation of Rachel Klein’s novel,... Read More

The Eclipse

This romantic nightmare thriller takes place in the beautiful city of Cobh, located on the southern coast of Ireland. Michael is a woodwork teacher who volunteers at the local literature festival. Chance brings him together with Lena, who is there to read from her new book ”The Eclipse”, which is about supernatural phenomena. Since Michael lost his wife to cancer he has been haunted by visions of ghosts. When he is assigned to be Lena’s driver and guide he seizes the opportunity... Read More


Paul is 38 years old. He has long hair and glasses, works as a photographer for one of Dublin’s biggest newspapers and has no friends. He is, in short, a nerd. He often goes to visit his old father at the nursing home, where he flirts carefully with the attractive nurse Michelle. Then one day a brutal, random attack from two youngsters ruins it all: Paul’s view of himself, of his work and of the world around him. After a time of constant paranoia and panic attacks, he decides... Read More