Crone Wood


Found footage might be one of the toughest sub-genre to renew and bring originality into, which is why we are so happy to have this gem in our program. Lucky for all of us Mark Sheridan debut feature Crone Wood, shows us how found footage can be used to bring a great twist to a story, with more than breaking twigs. Crone Wood bring us into the Irish forest together with two young people, Danny and Hailey, who just met the night before. They have decided to go camping and investigate... Read More

Religion/supernatural: Strangers in the Night


Damien lives with his grandmother on the Irish countryside. He will soon have an encounter with a banshee. A banshee is an Irish mythological creature, who is a messenger of death. She will come for the grandmother’s soul at dawn. However, there is a way to avoid this fate if the banshee kisses a family member before this. Grandma therefore tries to pair Damien with the banshee. But Damien is no ladies man. Can he still succeed in charming her?  Read More

The Canal


David, a film archivist, fears that his wife is cheating on him. He sneaks after her to see if his suspicions are correct. The next day, his wife is missing and his life, that previously seemed so orderly, now starts to fall apart in a downward spiral of nightmares, accusations and horrifying visions. At work, he has recently seen some archive footage from 1902 that shows a brutal murder taking place in the house where he lives with his family. He now suspects that a dark, supernatural... Read More

BED1 – Ghost train


Two childhood friends meet again at the abandoned amusement park, their lives have both been affected by the terrible events that happened at the ghost train long ago, and it’s time to put it all behind. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More

BED2 – Canis


A dark tale about a child’s struggle for survival in a world where wolves are always lurking, just waiting for a chance to eat you. A stop-motion film that is anything but cute. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More



Our lead character gets hit by a car after a night out and his soul is retrieved by Death. In this beautifully animated film we get to follow a soul’s last glance at life before it’s time to move on. Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More

SPACE – Orbit Ever After


Nigel is in love with the girl next door. Unfortunately, her space house orbits around the Earth the wrong way. But a message from her will change everything. Part of the short film package Spacetime stories.  Read More