Sometimes things happen when you least expect it! The program was set, the screening times were set and it was just the fine details left, or so I thought. Then a festival friend contacted me with a tip about a movie and because she usually has a good taste, I gave it a chance and oh by, am I happy that I did! That movie was this, the German Snowflake or Schneeflökchen as it’s called in it’s original language! The most fucked up German fairytale since the Brothers... Read More

Horror: Couchsurfers


Couchsurfing can be really exiting; meeting new people and  see new citys. Samira and Brenda are meeting up in Hamburg for a weekend. They already a found a couch to crash on via Internet, they are going to stay with Max. After a night out they went back to Max place for drinks but it seems their host  has other plans in mind. It seems that Max has a project of which they are now part of.Cecilia Lindgren  Read More

Religion/supernatural: Laserpope


The most amazing..! Well, I have no idea. Spoof? Homeage? A new Omen? No, it’s a film that like Robocop is about a man who gets seriously wounded but by the care of surgeons arises as a cyborg. When it comes to the violence there are also great similarities, it is all about heavy action. The difference? Not bigger than that in the old one it was a cop, here it’s the Pope! The film bears no mercy towards religion, the cardinals are depictured as money and power hungry... Read More



Erik (Jürgen Vogel) runs a motorcycle repair shop in the country and lives an average life with his girlfriend and step-daughter when a hooded stranger starts stalking him. Henry (Moritz Bleibtrau), as the stalker finally presents himself, is here to help. He seems to know about Erik’s past, about the mysterious campers showing up outside Erik’s shop and the inevitable and bloody face-off with the feared crime lord Keitel (Georg Friedrich). Guided by Henry, Erik has... Read More

The Samurai


The Samurai is a delightfully queer arthouse slasher film. A thriller that mixes both realistic and nightmarish images with fountains of blood. This modern fairy tale starts with the wolf sneaking around in the forest near the little town. Our protagonist and inhibited underdog, Jacob Wolski, tries to keep danger at bay by providing it with food. The townspeople mock him. Then, he meets a mysterious stranger, a blond, bridal gown wearing, katana swinging samurai. A stranger with... Read More

SPACE – Omega


A futuristic animated short film about a world with mechanical life forms where one machine feed upon the others. One day a gigantic new machine arrives which might be a too hefty bit to chew. Part of the short film package Spacetime stories.  Read More

1001 – Simple


”I just want sex!” says Tanja to Benjamin. So does Benjamin but she wants to have sex with someone else. This is how this short animated film starts out, and it shows how complicated sex can be. Part of the short film package 1000 and 1 nights.  Read More

BED2 – Job interview


Almost everyone has at some point in their lives been to a job interview. For some, it’s an uncomfortable experience. In this case, the interview just keeps getting increasingly strange… Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More

BED2 – Border patrol


Two men working for the German border patrol discover a dead person who committed suicide but all they want is to go home and watch the game. So how will they handle the situation to get home in time? Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More

BED2 – Kilometer


A runner gets involved in a crime when he encounters two men at night in the woods. The director manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and surprise us without using a word of dialogue. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More