Into the Forest


8-year-old Tom and his 11-year-old brother Benjamin have barely met their dad since their parents divorced several years ago. The boys live in France with their mother but now they’re about to spend their summer with their estranged father who has moved to Stockholm. Tom is nervous and reluctant, something that does not feel right and the feeling will not leave him alone. The man who says he is their father behaves strangely and Tom sees terrifying visions. Suddenly, their dad... Read More

HORROR: 03:36


In the middle of the night we see a woman standing in the bathroom while we hear a thunderstorm roam outside. The woman stands there while she starts having visions or manifestations in her own mind. But what is happening? Is her sanity slipping away and what lies beyond the mirror? Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More

SCI-FI: In: Sight


In a future you can get memories played as a hologram. A woman is doing this and sees bits and pieces from some persons talking about a girl. But it’s something strange with the girl and the woman starts to feel uncomfortable over what she sees. Text: Benny Lange  Read More



An animated story where someone kills each new bed partner after a single night. Think One Thousand and one Night but reverse the roles, here it is a princess that kills men. Unlike the classic saga the killing does not end because one of the men starts to tell unfinished stories in order to survive instead the devil puts an end to it. Text: Benny Lange  Read More



It is easy to make the argument that with films such as Irréversible and Enter the Void, Gaspar Noé is the enfant terrible, par excellence of the 2000’s. His personal appearance, which resembles Anton LaVey channeling a 70’s porn star, does nothing to hide his cinematic intentions. So it should come as a surprise to no one that Noé’s first feature in six years made the audience at the premiere in Cannes lose their proverbial shit, and had fights breaking out during its... Read More

Short: Memorium


In this story inspired by the works of the French artist Marc Giai-Miniet we follow a man on his journey into the afterlife. He dies in a hospital and wakes up on a small boat.  Read More

Dark Touch


Darkness. Fire. Things moving, seemingly on their own, and in the middle of it all: the children. When Niamh’s family dies in a strange accident in their home, their friends take her in as foster child. They try to give her the comfort she needs, but this turns out to be difficult . Niamh is unable to handle tenderness and sinister things keep happening around her. It appears that much was seriously wrong in Niamh’s family – and, furthermore, that there is something very... Read More

The Congress

The Congress

Director of highly acclaimed Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman is back with a staggering creation. A colorful hallucinogenic trip into a surreal future where nothing is what it seems to be. Actress Robin Wright (played by Robin Wright) is starting to get old in the eyes of Hollywood and is offered one last contract. A studio wants to digitalize her by scanning her body as well as her soul and buy the right to use her in all kinds of films, forever. But what on earth does that really... Read More



You’re working as a cook in an asylum in the middle of nowhere, Washington. It’s 1989 and you’re tired after a late gig with your band. Thick glass separates you and your friends in the kitchen from the inmates, who are, thankfully, sedated. It’s not pleasant, but there are guards there to protect you, should anything go wrong. Outside, you hear thunder. The last thing you see before the power goes, is some of the inmates spitting their pills out.... Read More



Are you tired of horror-classics being rebooted into mediocre gore feasts with murky filters and shaky cam? Good! Because this re-envisioning of William Lustig’s gritty 80′s slasher is something completely different, a different kind of beast. Maniac had a midnight screening i Cannes, where it stirred up a buzz and walked out a critics’ favourite. Not only for Elija Wood’s performance as a deranged, women-scalping killer, but also because it is shot... Read More