The Open


The beauty of LIFFF is that we get the chance to show you the truly unique films, the one’s you would not have seen at the movies otherwise. Marc Lahore’s The Open is undoubtedly one of those. How else would you describe a film about a tennis tournament set during the apocalypse without a ball, without a net and without the strings. André and Stephanie is lives for tennis, it’s their life and even though the world is burning around them they stick to their dream... Read More

Animerat: Malgrin Debotté – The Boy with the Magic Moles


The boy with the moles hardly dares to show his face outside. Hidden behind a book, he goes into the neon night where he’ll encounter a beautiful DJ. The beats and vibrations of the two bodies will make even his moles dance.  Read More

Sci fi: Mars IV


In this visually beautiful movie we get to follow four astronauts and their robot as they are approaching their last week on their 2 year mission to Mars in the year 2053. During this last week they make and unexpected discovery that would have devastating effects if it would reach the earth. But while they are trying to decide how to handle the discovery, members of the team starts getting severe hallucinations.  Read More

Méliès: Juliet


The future is here, and you no longer need to feel alone. Juliet is the first generation of synthetic pleasure humanoids. There to make your life a better place. As the SEED Company releases more and more advanced pleasure robots, the debate only gets lauder.  Read More

Animerat: Conte Oriental


In an oriental town, a man is enjoying his morning when a little thief runs off with the man’s cell phone. He hides in a beautiful, empty palace to play games on the phone. But the phone owner catches up, and a hunt begins inside the palace, revealing the many secrets it hides. Conte Oriental (French for eastern tale) is a highly detailed, beautiful and charming animated movie.  Read More

Horror: Vardøger


A freelance photographer who takes pictures of crime victims find that a person seems to follow him around. Images he has shot contains no sense and the camera film runs out for no reason. The mysterious person who’s been following him around seems to be somebody he knows. Cecilia Lindgren  Read More

Animerat: Anna


In this beautiful short we’ll follow the little girl Anna who is around 3 years old when her plane crashes into the Rocky Mountains of Canada. As the sole survivor of the crash she does what any infant would do, normally she starts to explore and play. What she doesn’t know is the mountain lion lurking behind the rocks…  Read More

Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children


The teenage rebel mouse Dinky survived the devastating industrial accident on the island several years earlier – but is this really a life worth living? The post-apocalyptic existence is lined with darkness, death, uncomprehending parents, depression, glue-sniffing thug rats, drugs, psychosis and demons and Dinky has had enough. It is time to leave this godforsaken gravesite for an island. But she refuses to leave the mute outsider Birdboy behind. Psychonauts, The Forgotten... Read More

Animerat: Graveland


In a cemetery far away from the village there are a gravedigger and his son working the nightshift digging graves. But the son is not amused by having to sit by watching his father digging graves. But when he sees fireworks from the circus in the village down below, he really wants to go there. There is just one problem, they don´t have any money… but all of a sudden when the father sees a flyer he get an idea, he will make his own amusement park for his son.  Read More

Animerat: 14


During the Tour de France 1914 we are accompanying one of the competitors down the slope of Col du Tourmalet. While our brave cyclist is increasing his speed down the narrow road, the fog thickens and it gets harder to see. In an attempt to get a better vision he takes his goggles off, which will lead him to a whole series of unexpected events…  Read More