THE TRIPLE: Sound from the Deep


A research vessel navigates itself around the arctic ice in the search of gas sources on the bottom of the sea. The crew, consisting of seamen and scientists, forces the vessel further and further out in their search, led by a scientist with a mysterious faith in the mission. Meanwhile another scientist is plagued by eerie dreams. What exactly is awaiting them in the arctic depths? Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

BED1 – Ghost train


Two childhood friends meet again at the abandoned amusement park, their lives have both been affected by the terrible events that happened at the ghost train long ago, and it’s time to put it all behind. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More

Priest of Evil

One man’s struggle against the world’s evil. A serial killer with religious motives is on the loose in downtown Helsinki, where he unnoticed pushes his victims down on subway tracks. On the case is detective Timo Harjunpää, who now stands before the most important challenge of his life. After his oldest daughter was murdered in a random attack some years ago, Timo’s wife Elisa has turned to her faith for consolation. When it dawns on Timo that she still blames him for... Read More