Black Death

The Middle Ages was a horrid time. That is, at least, my understanding from all the films I have seen that reflect on that period of superstition, darkness and sudden death. The most evil of all was the Black Death. When director Christopher Smith takes on to depict this time, he spares none of its cruelty. The man behind such FFF classics as Severance and last year’s Triangle, offers an entertaining journey of torture, romance and of course, splatter. The year is 1348 and it... Read More


To mention the name Neil Marshall should be enough to draw the FFF audience in hungry hordes. He is after all the man that brought us Dog Soldiers and The Decent, two brilliant claustrophobic films that really kept the viewers tied to their seats. Centurion is no exception. A Roman legion is attacked by a group of raging Picts during the roman occupation of the British Isles at the beginning of the 11th century. The legion is obliterated and the last seven survivors must try and... Read More

Shaun of the Dead

This contemporary classic needs no description really. Edgar Wright has succeeded, with his brothers in arms, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, to create an awesome, charming and fantastic tribute to the zombie genre filled with references from Dawn of the Dead and Lucio Fulci to Deer Hunter and Assault on 13th Precinct. Together they had previously done TV show Spaced, a show filled with nerdy jokes and references to film parodies (no need to mention it’s one of the best shows ever!)... Read More

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

A good sign that a director has a bright future ahead of him is self confidence. J Blakeson’s kidnapping thriller is his first feature and it positively glows with self confidence. With merely three actors and a few scenes to mention, the film lifts us into a close knit and paranoid world where trust and betrayal are the focal point.   What at first appears to be a linear story where two rough bad guys brutally kidnap the daughter of a wealthy businessman is soon unraveled... Read More