Never corner a baker… Jens (Mikkel Vadsholdt) has accepted far too much for too long. Being the shy night-owl he is, he keeps to himself, but the world will not let him be. The new master baker’s quality starts slackening, and when a bunch of yobs one day smash the window of Jens’s car, he takes one of them out. Intoxicated by his own new unexpressed vigour, Jens comes out of his shell, but the destructive driving force leads him towards a free fall. A film that... Read More



Louise and Kasper live a privileged hippie life in their remote sanctuary somewhere in the Danish wilderness, with no Snapchat or running water. Louise is recovering from an illness and there is something missing to complete the picture of the perfect life. A child. When the Romanian maid Elena moves in, Louise takes the opportunity to ask if she would be willing to carry the couple’s child. For a proper amount of money, of course. Elena says yes, reluctantly but still.... Read More

BED1 – Unimagined friends


Parallel with our reality there is a world where all the unimagined fantasy creatures live. Karl is one of those and his biggest dream is to be imagined, but his friends don’t seem to understand. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More

SHORT FILMS – Interview

Animation about a very strange interview. Filled with strange questions, weird situations and not to mention the job that the poor applicant doesn’t have a clue what it is about. This short film is screened together with The Midnight swim.  Read More

1001 – A Drop of gold


Do you like pirates and ghosts? This short is the perfect combination of both parts. It also includes music, romance and some nudity. What can go wrong? Part of the short film package 1000 and 1 nights.  Read More

SHORT FILMS – Out of bounds

Allan lives a rather restricted life to put it mildly and he’s scared to death of leaving his house. This becomes a real threat to his fish when the fish food is delivered to the wrong address. This short films is screened together with The Strange colour of your body’s tears.  Read More

Faust 2.0


A Swedish horror anthology consisting of five stories about five individuals who are on different paths in life – a journalist looking for a scoop, a writer waiting for inspiration, a representative of the arms industry on the search for safety, a family man who thinks he’s available and a single girl with a sense for loneliness and revenge. All of them need a push in the right direction, and they get it through an app. Without knowing what they are signing up for, they... Read More