THE TRIPLE: The Last Schnitzel


In a near future the Earth is on the brink of catastrophy and mankind decides to evacuate. Country after country prepares for departure and launch rockets, but not The Grand Turkish Republic, its leader demands a chicken schnitzel before he gives the order to evacuate. The problem is that chicken vanished from Earth 200 years ago but the great leader doesn’t care, he shall have the schnitzel and before that no evacuation will take place, it’s as simple as that. Text:... Read More

Méliès: Mr. Sand


This dreamlike film with a mix of animation techniques could perhaps be described an animated documentary. The film tries to capture the atmosphere in the early cinemas. People have been spellbound by film since it first came, but there was also a concern. The children had nightmares and doctors warned about damage to the eyes. Different situations and stories about film are intertwined with a child asking who “Mr Sand” is, the man who puts us to sleep at night.  Read More

LFO: The Movie


Something as unusual as a  stylish, intelligent, funny and well-made Swedish science fiction movie, made in our own emotionally cool and minimalistically raw way. A pretty dull and very lonely middle aged man discovers that he can hypnotize and control other people by using a very specific mix of sound frequencies. Burning with scientific fervour, he sets about testing the technique using his new neighbours as unexpecting guinea pigs. It’s not long before he takes it too... Read More

Short: The Good Company


A man kills his wife just before their dinner guests shall arrive. The dinner becomes very odd because the man has developed an enormous appetite from the murder and also become very touchy.  Read More



A big, adorable sleepwalking cannibal and an artist of debatable moral standards (is there any other kind?) in a Fargoesque environment. A well-played, funny film with perfect comic timing. The world famous Danish artist Lars Olafssen is having the artist equivalent of writer’s block. He hasn’t painted a thing in ten years. So he goes to Canada hoping to paint while teaching at the local art school. But inspiration is nowhere to be seen and the canvases remain... Read More