The Open


The beauty of LIFFF is that we get the chance to show you the truly unique films, the one’s you would not have seen at the movies otherwise. Marc Lahore’s The Open is undoubtedly one of those. How else would you describe a film about a tennis tournament set during the apocalypse without a ball, without a net and without the strings. André and Stephanie is lives for tennis, it’s their life and even though the world is burning around them they stick to their dream... Read More

Méliès: Mr. Sand


This dreamlike film with a mix of animation techniques could perhaps be described an animated documentary. The film tries to capture the atmosphere in the early cinemas. People have been spellbound by film since it first came, but there was also a concern. The children had nightmares and doctors warned about damage to the eyes. Different situations and stories about film are intertwined with a child asking who “Mr Sand” is, the man who puts us to sleep at night.  Read More

Horror: Couchsurfers


Couchsurfing can be really exiting; meeting new people and  see new citys. Samira and Brenda are meeting up in Hamburg for a weekend. They already a found a couch to crash on via Internet, they are going to stay with Max. After a night out they went back to Max place for drinks but it seems their host  has other plans in mind. It seems that Max has a project of which they are now part of.Cecilia Lindgren  Read More

Méliès: Voltaire


Voltaire is an old weathercock of old copper on and old rundown road chapel in the countryside. He´s insecure and not at all satisfied with his life there, at the horizon he sees a marvellous golden weathercock on top of a magnificent Cathedral. Oh what he wishes he could be the one on that pole all shiny and beautiful. One night when the storm is roaming the sky our poor little weathercock gets struck by lightning and fall to the ground. He then decides to go to the Cathedral... Read More



Emma has a normal and nice life with a boyfriend and good friends when she one day gets a hint that things aren’t what they seem. She starts to investigate and reacts strongly to what she finds out. This short film is screened together with A Record of sweet murder.  Read More

The Strange colour of your body’s tears

the strange colour1

The Belgian directing duo behind Amer (2010) is back with this surreal and bloody visual puzzle. When Dan Kristensen returns to his apartment from a business trip, he finds that his wife has vanished without a trace. Dan embarks on quest to find answers and finds himself trapped in his own building, in what turns out to be a china box of psychological agony. The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears takes the viewer into a universe where any effort to unravel the mystery... Read More

BED2 – Voisins


What would you do if you could do whatever you want, without any consequences? Rob a bank, eat as much as you could at a fancy restaurant? Here the neighbours clear out all unsettled matters. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More

BED1 – The Boy with a camera for a face


Some people are born without faces. Meet the boy who takes the definition of a “selfie” to the next level. He’s got an eye for cinema, to say the least. He is the boy with a camera for a face. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More



If you’re one of those who stays away from online dating and love apps with the pretext that there are too many crazy people out there, Alleluia will definitely make you rest your case. When lonely undertaker Gloria meets the charming Michel, sparks immediately fly and soon a fiery romance flares up. A romance that the jealous Gloria refuses to let go of, even though she quickly learns that Michel earns his living by seducing and deceiving lonely women. She’s obsessed,... Read More