Top Knot Detective


What do you get if you take one part Forgotten Silver (Peter Jackson’s mockumentary about a New Zealand film pioneer), one part Sion Sono and a whole lot of sake? Well then you get Top Knot Detective, a wonderfully entertaining mockumentary about a forgotten Japanese Samurai TV series! In the early 90s, a little known Japanese Samurai/Detective series hit Australia where it quickly became a cult hit. In Japan it was called ‘Ronin Suiri Tentai’ (Deductive Reasoning... Read More

OXV: The Manual


In a world not quite now, not quite ours, a scientific discovery has changed the structure of society and the relations between its people. Luck is defined from birth and is measured after how in sync you are with the world, your “frequency”. The higher someone’s frequency is, the lower their empathy, and vice versa. When two individuals with opposing frequencies meet, disaster occurs, for themselves but also for those around them. Darren Paul Fischer’s film is... Read More


Australia continues to be one of the most interesting countries when it comes to genre films. Last year we had a whole section of the festival dedicated to it and this year we are once again showing several films from the land Down Under. One of the films is Josh Reed’s film Primal, in which we follow a group of friends who have followed anthropology student Dace into the outback. They are searching for a legendary, 12 000 year old, rock painting that has only been seen by... Read More

El Monstro del Mar

Somewhere down the Australian coast, in a small seaport, lurks a huge darkness in the sinister waters. Some of the survivors of this huge secret is a weak wheelchair bound old man and his grand daughter, Hannah. Hannah possesses incredible courage which will prove helpful as three well known hit women arrive into town and stir things up. They have come to lay low for a while and against the old man’s advice they go swimming in the ominous waters. What will they awaken with their... Read More

The Loved Ones

Brent is 17 years old and has recently lost his father in an accident. He doesn’t have much to live for apart from his wonderful girlfriend, Holly, and perhaps smoking a joint on occasion, in usual teen spirit. When the prom approaches, Brent’s prom queen is a given and when the quiet and shy Lola asks him to the prom he politely declines. A decision he will come to regret more than anything as Lola and her loving and helpful father have arranged for a prom to be held in their... Read More