Horror: Curve


A girl wakes and find herself lying on a curved surface. She tries to get up but every time she does that she instead slides more and more closer to a dark abyss, which makes strange sounds. On the opposite side she can see the same bloody prints as her own hands made on her side of the abyss.  Read More

These final hours

These Final Hours

It’s not too often a movie leaves seasoned film programmers nailed to their seats unable to move as the credits roll, but that’s what happened to three of us after the screening of These Final Hours in Berlin earlier this year. There are 12 hours left of the Earth and we get to experience them through James, a man all set to get to the party to end all parties – but fate and a little girl named Rose get in the way. With this simple premise, Zak Hilditch constructs a violent,... Read More



A single mother is desperately trying to manage her increasingly violent and monster fearing son while she´s still struggling to face the loss of her husband who passed away in an accident seven years ago. Suddenly one day, a children’s pop-up picture book appears in her son’s room. “Mister Babadook”.They begin to read it, but when they realize that the content of the book isn’t suitable for children, or for anyone at all, it is already too late. Something... Read More