Sci fi: Uncanny Valley


Virtual Reality has taken such advance form that it has become a society problem, leading to heavy addiction and depravation. Such players are so far gone that they could not possibly function well in society. In documentary-like style, we get to hear these gaming addicts as they describe their everyday life, their struggles on having to interact with real people and how much the escapism and intensity that VR provides means to them. We get to follow one player into the game as... Read More


H Stills_1

One night something resembling a meteor crashes nearby the city of Troy, New York and strange things start happening. People walks off as if they were hypnotized and disappears into the forest, gravity is occasionally out of play and some suddenly see their eyes inexplicably bloodshot. Amidst all this, we follow two women, both named Helen. One is retired and lives an autopilot sort of life with her husband and her beloved “baby”, a doll so lifelike it’s creepy.... Read More

Cold Sweat

Everything used to be so much better. Young people don’t understannd the importance of knowledge; a matter such as correct writing is a joke to them. They don’t know how lucky they are. Until one day, when it all blows up in their faces. Ramón’s girlfriend suddenly leaves him for a blonde guy she met on the Internet. She sends him an explanatory e-mail but that’s not enough for Ramón. He and his friend Ali drive to the blonde guy’s house, where she has made a date... Read More