Deep Blue Sea in a pool


Deep underneath the surface in a secret underwater laboratory a group of scientists, led by Saffron Burrows and Stellan Skarsgård, try to find a cure for Alzheimers. Why in an underwater laboratory? Where else would they keep their genetically modified sharks? To enhance their results they enlarge the sharks brains, not knowing they’ve also enhanced their intelligence, and their thirst for human flesh. When the sharks decide to escape and break their cages the underwater laboratory... Read More



Never corner a baker… Jens (Mikkel Vadsholdt) has accepted far too much for too long. Being the shy night-owl he is, he keeps to himself, but the world will not let him be. The new master baker’s quality starts slackening, and when a bunch of yobs one day smash the window of Jens’s car, he takes one of them out. Intoxicated by his own new unexpressed vigour, Jens comes out of his shell, but the destructive driving force leads him towards a free fall. A film that... Read More



Lindsey and Jeff Pittman are on their way home from a New Year’s party. Their marriage is frosty, the atmosphere is tense and the darkness lies like a damp blanket over the roads. Suddenly a man appears on the road in front of them and the disaster is a fact before they have barely blinked. They have run him over. Properly. And what follows is a staggering spiral into the darkest corners of the human mind and life as more clusters, truths and dark secrets come up into the... Read More

47 Meters Down


The oceans finest villain is back! And as usual, it’s looking for blood. Human blood! The shark does not stop fascinating and terrorizing us – perhaps more in our phobias and movies than in reality, but still, the horror is realer than real. After a tough break-up, Lisa (Mandy More) travels to Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) to lick her wounds and forget her sorrows. Once in the holiday paradise, they meet with two fancy and adventurous locals (Yani Gellman... Read More

Into the Forest


8-year-old Tom and his 11-year-old brother Benjamin have barely met their dad since their parents divorced several years ago. The boys live in France with their mother but now they’re about to spend their summer with their estranged father who has moved to Stockholm. Tom is nervous and reluctant, something that does not feel right and the feeling will not leave him alone. The man who says he is their father behaves strangely and Tom sees terrifying visions. Suddenly, their dad... Read More



You know that feeling when you accidently stumble upon a film and then wondered why no one has never told you about it? Simeon Halligans Habit, is a thrilling film with an original story and solid craft work. He obviously know what he is doing down to the smallest details. The film revolves around Michael, who divides his time between the job center and the pub. By chance he meets Lee, a young woman who is not afraid to be he self. Lee introduces Michael to her Uncle Ian, and... Read More



In a post-apocalyptic world, a man is desperately trying to safe his wife from a deathly virus, that has destroyed most of the world and left it in a desert-like state. When he does not succeed on saving his wife, he is, through rather an unusual way, given a second chance to take back his life and change the history of the world. This is James Morrison’s feature film debut and we are very happy to be able to show you this gem of a film. Through beautiful cinematography... Read More

Knock Knock


Eli Roth, who needs no introduction, gives his banded “torture porn” a dark, comedic twist and lets it move home to Los Angeles. This time, his victims are not tourists, but Keanu Reeves as a devoted dad and husband and successful architect who is subjected to what at first seems like a pleasant kind of home invasion. When his family goes to the beach over the weekend, Evan stays at home. During a rainstorm, two young women knock on his door. Against better judgement, Evan... Read More

The Dark Below


Maybe you, just as I, hold a special place in your most visceral fear for being trapped under ice. It is a pooling of panic, hopelessness and draining cold. In icy water you have mere minutes. For each second you feel your body growing numb while your hands hit the ice again and again. The Dark Below lets us face that nightmare, turned into experimental survival horror. It begins with a woman being overpowered and drugged. She gets dressed in scuba-gear and dragged out onto the... Read More


H Stills_1

One night something resembling a meteor crashes nearby the city of Troy, New York and strange things start happening. People walks off as if they were hypnotized and disappears into the forest, gravity is occasionally out of play and some suddenly see their eyes inexplicably bloodshot. Amidst all this, we follow two women, both named Helen. One is retired and lives an autopilot sort of life with her husband and her beloved “baby”, a doll so lifelike it’s creepy.... Read More