Romance – a short film package


THE ZOMBIE AND THE BEAUTIFUL: LOVE STORIES WITH A TWIST. CARPE JUGULAR Regi Kai Stänicke Land Tyskland År 2014 Längd 5 min 17 sek The dance floor is a battlefield and when your feelings are hurt, you get wounded. _______________________________________ LAST MEMORY Regi Juan Luis Moreno Somé Land Spanien År 2015 Längd 9 min 7 sek A man has lost his whole family in a zombie epidemic, but he still has his wife at home, chained in the basement. He still loves her, but she... Read More

Halloween – a short film package


FFF HALLOWEEN PARTY: ALL MONSTERS WELCOME! A TRICKY TREAT Regi Patricia Chica Land USA, Kanada År 2015 Längd 3 min 7 sek The whole family gathers for a cozy Halloween celebration. In accordance with tradition, the family starts by hollowing out what you may think is a pumpkin, but there is a twist. ______________________________________ KNOCK Regi Joseph I. Martinez Land USA År 2014 Längd 5 min 9 sek A young girl is scared during halloween and hides under the bed with... Read More

Sci fi – a short film package


FOR THE WANNABE SPACE AND TIME TRAVELERS. GOLDEN SHOT (ALTIN VURUS) Regi Gökalp Gönen Land Turkiet År 2015 Längd 8 min 40 sek In a mechanical world a robot is tired of waiting for the rise of the long awaited sun. Hence he builds his own sun, but like Icaros who flew to close to the sun with his home-built wings, an artificial sun has its drawbacks. _______________________________________ SWEETHEART Regi Miguel Angelo Pate Land Tyskland År 2015 Längd 27 min 5 sek Something... Read More

Arthouse – a short film package


”ARTSY” EN MASSE, FOR THE DEEP ONES. DISCO INFERNO Regi Alice Waddington Land Spanien År 2015 Längd 12 min 14 sek A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss, who has entrenched herself in a palace surrounded by a bunch of lost souls. But the Devil is not willing to return to her daily routine… _______________________________________ FERDINAND KNAPP Regi Andrea Baldini Land Frankrike År 2014 Längd 15 min A surrealistic drama about the theatre actor Ferdinand Knapp... Read More

Short Films screened before Features


THE SINNERS (LES PÉCHERESSES) (The short film winner of Méliès d’argent 2015, screens before Nina Forever) Regi Infuso Gerlando Land Belgien År 2014 Längd 17 min Did Eve commit a sin when she took a bite from the forbidden fruit? What would the world look like if Adam took the first bite? This film presents three women i three different eras who are all linked together trough the fall of man. _______________________________________ BAD GUY 2 (Screens before Bite) Regi... Read More

The Unstoppable Spoonkiller Short Films of Richard Gale


In 2008, the three-time Los Angeles Area Emmy Award winning writer and director, Richard Gale created the horror comedy short The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. The film was showcased at more than 70 film festivals, received numerous awards (including the Audience Award for Best Short Film here at LIFFF) and was selected by Variety as one of the “highlights of the Sitges Film Festival.” After its festival run, Horribly Slow Murderer launched... Read More

BED2 – Rangda


Three girls are having a sleepover which of course involves games like “Guess Who”. But they shouldn’t play with daddy’s old antiques from Africa because you never know what curse may lie dormant… Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Uróboros, eternal return


A weird stop-motion animated film with cogwheels, glowing eye sockets, a big long-legged death spider and the inside of a human being. And it’s about the eternal life cycle also known as Ouroboros  Read More

SPACE – Entity


A cosmonaut finds herself floating around alone in space after her spaceship blows up. The air in the spacesuit won’t last forever and she desperately tries to make contact with someone to come save her. Part of the short film package Spacetime stories.  Read More

BED1 – Unimagined friends


Parallel with our reality there is a world where all the unimagined fantasy creatures live. Karl is one of those and his biggest dream is to be imagined, but his friends don’t seem to understand. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More