Deep Blue Sea in a pool


Deep underneath the surface in a secret underwater laboratory a group of scientists, led by Saffron Burrows and Stellan Skarsgård, try to find a cure for Alzheimers. Why in an underwater laboratory? Where else would they keep their genetically modified sharks? To enhance their results they enlarge the sharks brains, not knowing they’ve also enhanced their intelligence, and their thirst for human flesh. When the sharks decide to escape and break their cages the underwater laboratory... Read More



The year is 1929 and a group of botanist students go out on a two month expedition in the american wilderness, but when they arrive at their camp they discover that the professor thay were supposed to meet as mysteriously vanished and that their provisions have been destroyed. The students don’t let the odd circumstances scare them and they decide to continue the research without supervision, putting their faith in their hunting rifles and fishing gear to provide them with food.... Read More



In a post-apocalyptic world, a man is desperately trying to safe his wife from a deathly virus, that has destroyed most of the world and left it in a desert-like state. When he does not succeed on saving his wife, he is, through rather an unusual way, given a second chance to take back his life and change the history of the world. This is James Morrison’s feature film debut and we are very happy to be able to show you this gem of a film. Through beautiful cinematography... Read More

Man Underground


The truth is here now. Former geologist Willem Koda have seen it all. In his previous work for the U.S. government, something happened. Something that would forever change his life, something that his former employer is extremely careful to keep secret. Willem lives alone with the truth and his fruitless efforts to share the truth, through YouTube videos and lectures. Eventually he comes to the conclusion that he has to make a film about what happened. A full, honest testimony... Read More



Locally produced scifi – how often do we get the chance to serve this delicacy at LIFFF? We are so very proud to finally be able to do that with Origin in our program. This locally produced sci-fi movie twirl us into a story about nothing less than bio-hacking and is Andreas Climent and André Hedetofts’ debut feature. When Ambitious science student Julia and programmer Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower and are about to break new ground they find out that... Read More

Ghost Rockets


UFO-evening! In connection with our screening of the delightful Man Underground we offer you a special screening of the highly acclaimed and refreshingly nuanced documentary Ghost Rockets! One of the directors and a member of UFO Sweden will attend the screening. For several years, the Malmö-based duet Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker has been following members from UFO Sweden in their search for the truth. Most often, the unexplained phenomena they get calls, tips and... Read More



After his mother’s painful death to cancer, Evan abandons life in the US, gets on a flight to Italy and drifts aimlessly among hostels and backpackers. In a sleepy coastal town, he meets Louise, a young woman whose unfathomable nature he cannot even begin to comprehend. That’s all I’ll tell you. There are those films you simply shouldn’t know much about before watching, films that want to make you lose your footing, get you lost in something new and unknown. Also, nothing that... Read More


H Stills_1

One night something resembling a meteor crashes nearby the city of Troy, New York and strange things start happening. People walks off as if they were hypnotized and disappears into the forest, gravity is occasionally out of play and some suddenly see their eyes inexplicably bloodshot. Amidst all this, we follow two women, both named Helen. One is retired and lives an autopilot sort of life with her husband and her beloved “baby”, a doll so lifelike it’s creepy.... Read More

Spacetime Stories – short films 2014


Sagas from below ground and outer space. A short film package containing the following films: Air Omega Orbit ever after Memory reloaded Over the Moon Entity  Read More

The Signal


To create exceptional sci-fi on a minimal budget you need not only a script which challenges limits. You also require imagery and art direction capable of moving an audience far from their own reality. Festival goers lucky enough to catch William Eubank’s debut, Angels and Airwaves backed indie sci-fi Love, at our jam-packed screening in 2011, are familiar with his ability to deliver precisely that. Eubank has a gift of combining great, emotional concepts and magnificent cinematography... Read More