Ghost Rockets


UFO-evening! In connection with our screening of the delightful Man Underground we offer you a special screening of the highly acclaimed and refreshingly nuanced documentary Ghost Rockets! One of the directors and a member of UFO Sweden will attend the screening. For several years, the Malmö-based duet Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker has been following members from UFO Sweden in their search for the truth. Most often, the unexplained phenomena they get calls, tips and... Read More

ROOM 237


A simple question – thousands of different answers. No, not the meaning of life, something more important – What is The Shining really about? That’s what this documentary tries to answer. Few filmmakers have puzzled people like Stanley Kubrick. Rainforests have been annihilated in the making of essays about the music in A Clockwork Orange and the symbolism of 2001. But with Room 237, dechiffrering Kubrick gets entertaining and the line between cinephilia and madness... Read More


In 1993, a film reel with a colour version of Georges Méliès groundbreaking silent science fiction film A Trip to the Moon from 1902 was discovered. Previous versions of the film have been black and white and of poor quality. The bad condition of the reel signalled the beginning of an international project, with new technologically advanced methods, in a desperate attempt to save the content and recreate the film. After 12 years, by which time it had become history’s... Read More

Boro In The Box+11 Shorts

Presented by the Polish Institute in Stockholm and The Polish Film Institute One of FFF’s passions is putting a magnifying glass over the forgotten and finding great art in what others would call kitsch or camp. Polish film maker Walerian Borowczyk was called everything from simple pornographer to master of imagery. Terry Gilliam named him one of the foremost animators of all time. Borowczyk was praised for his experimental, nightmarish short films in festivals all over the... Read More

The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry

The man who saw Frankenstein cry was Paul Naschy, Spain’s most famous personality in the genre of horror film. A weightlifting champion, his physique allowed him to secure roles as an extra during the early 1960s. During his long career, spanning more than 80 feature films, he came to play the role of werewolf (for which he perhaps is most famous), Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, mummy, and even the Devil himself. Soon, Naschy also branched out into scriptwriting (resulting in... Read More

Jean Rollin: The Stray Dreamer

In the year 2008, during the star packed 14th edition of FFF, one of our biggest dreams came true. We had the great pleasure of seeing the French cult king of vampire horror, Jean Rollin, as one of our guests of honour. Shortly thereafter, he unfortunately joined the league of festival guests who kicked the bucket after their visits. The screenings of the director’s atmospheric and beautiful vampire films were well visited and liked. One could sense gratitude and a feeling of... Read More

Video Nasties – moral panic censorship and videotape

Sweden, December 1980. On a cold winter night a group of anxious politicians and parents gather in a TV studio in Stockholm to discuss a topic that has them profoundly worried. The title sequence for the debate programme Studio-S rolls, and a few minutes later host Göran Elwin offers a warning to sensitive viewers before a series of clips from films like The Boogeyman, Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Toolbox Murders are transmitted to the viewers. Minister of Education, Jan-Erik... Read More

Cameraman – The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff

A caringly made documentary about the now deceased cinematographer Jack Cardiff, whose name turns up in the credits of some of the most acknowledged films in the history of cinema. With a list of merits ranging from The Prince and the Showgirl and The Red Shoes to Rambo II Cardiff was one of Hollywood’s absolute masterminds. He was one of the few photographers Marilyn Monroe always trusted to make her look beautiful in pictures. This documentary was started as early as 1998... Read More

Strangers in a Strange Land: 50 Greek mystery & Fantastic Movies

How many Greek sci-fi, Noir or thriller films have you seen? Do you know anything about Greek fantasy? Do you know anything at all about Greece’s dark genre jungle? Maybe you would like to? Greek director and author Dimitris Panayiotatos has created a documentary of 50 fantastic Greek films between the years 1959 and 2009. Ever since he was little Panayiotatos has been fascinated by the film world’s outcasts and for the first time ever the world is introduced to a collected... Read More