Deep Blue Sea in a pool


Deep underneath the surface in a secret underwater laboratory a group of scientists, led by Saffron Burrows and Stellan Skarsgård, try to find a cure for Alzheimers. Why in an underwater laboratory? Where else would they keep their genetically modified sharks? To enhance their results they enlarge the sharks brains, not knowing they’ve also enhanced their intelligence, and their thirst for human flesh. When the sharks decide to escape and break their cages the underwater laboratory... Read More

Asura Girl


17 years have passed since the now cult classic anime Blood: The Last Vampire had its premiere, and during those years, the story about the demon hunting vampire named Saya has given rise to a huge number of sequels, prequels and spin-offs. In 2002 the adventures of Saya continued in a manga adaption, followed an anime spin-off series in 2005 named Blood+ and another named Blood-C in 2011. The Blood-universe has been expanded even further through literary novels, video games and... Read More



Sometimes things happen when you least expect it! The program was set, the screening times were set and it was just the fine details left, or so I thought. Then a festival friend contacted me with a tip about a movie and because she usually has a good taste, I gave it a chance and oh by, am I happy that I did! That movie was this, the German Snowflake or Schneeflökchen as it’s called in it’s original language! The most fucked up German fairytale since the Brothers... Read More

Top Knot Detective


What do you get if you take one part Forgotten Silver (Peter Jackson’s mockumentary about a New Zealand film pioneer), one part Sion Sono and a whole lot of sake? Well then you get Top Knot Detective, a wonderfully entertaining mockumentary about a forgotten Japanese Samurai TV series! In the early 90s, a little known Japanese Samurai/Detective series hit Australia where it quickly became a cult hit. In Japan it was called ‘Ronin Suiri Tentai’ (Deductive Reasoning... Read More



Locally produced scifi – how often do we get the chance to serve this delicacy at LIFFF? We are so very proud to finally be able to do that with Origin in our program. This locally produced sci-fi movie twirl us into a story about nothing less than bio-hacking and is Andreas Climent and André Hedetofts’ debut feature. When Ambitious science student Julia and programmer Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower and are about to break new ground they find out that... Read More



Pascal Laugiers Martyrs from 2008 really was the piece de resistance of the wave of extreme horror that came out of France in the last decade. Laugier took something that was already at 10 and cranked it up to 12. Seven years later it’s now time for the US remake produced by Blumhouse Pictures (Paranormal Activity, Sinister) and directed by the Goetz brothers. And the question is: will they be able to top Laugiers Tour de force? Lucie, haunted by her experiences as a captive... Read More

German Angst


This is just as the title aludes a dose of german fucking angst served over three movies in this anthology film that also brings us the return of the king of german punk horror. Yes! Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit is back! Along with Andreas Marschall and Michal Kosakowski he gives us three hardcore movies that pulls no punches; this is 112 minutes of sex, violence, love and death. In the first movie, Final Girl we meet a woman and her guinea pigs in her apartment. Everything... Read More

Ash vs the Evil Dead


Ash is back! The hero from the cult film Evil Dead may be old and tired, but his chainsaw isn’t. The horror comedy of the fall, from Starz, premieres during Halloween. In the 80s, childhood friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell created the low-budget film Evil Dead, where Raimi directed and Campbell as the monster fighter Ash. The film became an unexpected success, shown in Cannes and praised by Stephen King. Now it’s time for the comic spin-off Ash vs Evil Dead, where our... Read More



Kids can really be such small monsters. In a film written by Ian Brennan (Glee) and Leigh Whannell (the Saw and Insidious films) you should expect that to be taken literally. Elijah Wood plays Clint, a substitute teacher who experiences an exceptionally bad first day at work. Not only would he much rather stay home to work on his novel about a demon possessed boat, the kids he is teaching are disinterested in learning and the teaching staff are, to put it mildly, disinterested in... Read More

The Demolisher


When police officer Samantha survives a gang-related assault, she is bound to a life at home in her wheelchair far away from where she wants to be. Together with her husband Bruce, Samantha tries to hold herself and their life together. But Bruce cannot let go of the tormenting distress and fury over what happened to his wife. By day Bruce works as a repairman but by night he puts on his revenge suit and wander the streets, searching for the gang that destroyed his wife’s life... Read More