Two Eyes Staring

When her grandmother dies, Lisa’s mother inherits her big,
beautiful house in the Dutch countryside. But she is reluctant
to live there and refuses to give any proper explanation.
However, after some persuasion on the side of her husband
they move in. One evening, Lisa goes down to the cellar, where
she meets Karen – her mother’s dead twin sister. Her mother
never mentioned Karen and won’t admit she ever had a sister.
Strange, frightening things are starting to happen and Lisa is
determined to go to the bottom of it all. What does Karen want?
Why won’t Lisa’s mother talk about her past and what actually
happened all those years ago?
A visually stunning and bone-chilling story about not being
able to trust anyone – not even your own family. This is
probably the best (actually, it’s more than likely the only)
Dutch horror film you will ever see, brought to you in what may
be the strangest language on the planet, so don’t miss out!

Celeste Sjölin

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