Nature’s vengeance has never been more cruel. The girls have decided to take a break from their boyfriends and go to the lake house – near a lake where there’s been a toxic waste spill. Unsurprisingly, the guys turn up and talk their way into staying. Things get weird when an extremly aggressive beaver has somehow gotten into the bathroom. It’s promptly killed and dumped on the porch, only to be gone the next morning. All that’s left are the bloody tracks from beaver feet…

The obvious inspiration from horror flick classics like The Thing and Child’s play is fully realised with practical effects from Creature Effects (Army of Darkness, 300), who built animatronic zombie beavers, and that wonderfully strange mixture of seriousness and self-mockery. The mood is embodied by a redneck hunter played by b-movie favorite Rex Linn (CSI: Miami).

Fast paced monster action, unsympathetic characters, grotesque gross out comedy and a cute dog, all in the glorious 80′s nihilist style. Calm down, there’s still time for ill advised skinny dipping.

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