Zero Charisma


The overweight and ill-tempered Scott may have the fashion sense of a washed-up roadie for Metallica and absolutely no plans regarding his future whatsoever – but as Game Master he reigns supreme. Girls, a career, fresh air, all these abstracts remain unimportant when Scott coaches and bullies his equally geeky friends on the battlefields of the “Dungeon & Dragons”-inspired board game that is his own creation.

When he suddenly finds himself outmaneuvered from his own gaming community by the successful and popular Miles, Scott’s world crumbles. An epic battle now looms on the horizon – and this time it looks to be set IRL.

Scott at first glance appears to be one of those obnoxious, suburban under-achievers that for instance Todd Solondz likes to portray in his darkly humorous works. But Zero Charisma is also a tribute to the world of RPG board-gaming and to every seemingly doomed underdog who is still in the race for a happy ending. And a gruesome revenge.

Text: Jake Bolin

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