Why don’t you play in hell?

Fuck Bombers is an amateur film crew on the verge of splitting after a decade of passionately bad action pastiches. They are drawn into a yakuza war when boss Muto searches for a role for his stormy teen daughter Mitsuko, who as a kid made her name with a famed toothpaste commercial. Absolute craziness ensues, in terms of both plot och style.

Shion Sono’s latest has been dubbed a Japanese Kill Bill. If that makes you go watch it, good. But this is another beast entirely. Classic Japanese action genres tumble into each other in a bloody, comical and emotional brawl. While a lesser director would have seen it all implode, here we find ourselves in a sweaty anthem for 35mm film, infused with a melancholic daze concerned with our wishes to cling to the dreams of our youth. Sono’s heart beats hard for the passion of filmmaking. So hard it bursts, and with every beat pumps buckets of blood over the screen in a wild, melancholic love cry of immense power.

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