We Are What We Are

we are what we are

LIFFF-favorite Jim Mickle have previously shown us a Manhattan infested with rat-zombies in Mulberry Street and brought us on a raw and mesmerizing vampire trip through Stake Land. Now, he invites us into a cultish American home where a secret family recipe is served, preferably along with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

We Are What We Are paints a horrifying yet engaging portrait of an introverted family whose two teenage daughters hold dreams of being just like everyone else, while the neighbors begins to suspect that all is not quite as it should be next door.

Along with his favorite screenwriter Nick Damici, Mickle has made a highly personal interpretation of Jorge Michel Grau’s acclaimed Mexican cannibal film with the same title. Here Mickle marries his poetic aesthetics with his unique gift for atmospheric horror better than ever, and serves us a breathtaking  final act that makes the whole movie well worth sinking your teeth into.

Text: Jakob Åsell

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