We are the Night

Luxury, fast cars, a hot policeman and bloodsucking babes
– We are the night is a captivating vampire action movie not
unlike Interview with a Vampire – but with four femmes fatales
instead of two longhaired guys and a child. We follow Lena,
whose miserable life as a pickpocket comes to an end when
the mysterious nightclub owner Louisa spots her “wunderschönen”
eyes and decides to change her. A whole new world
opens up to Lena when she goes to “live” with Louisa and her
two previous favourites, mediocre silent film actress Charlotte
and energetic DJ-chick Nora. Their nights are spent chasing
adrenaline kicks, partying, seducing and killing. But nothing
lasts forever, not even for the immortal.
Well-made, sexy and credible – finally a new high budget film
in this genre that you can actually take seriously! We are the
night is modern vampire film at its very best. The only glitter
on these girls comes from their jewellery. Bling-bling!

Celeste Sjölin

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