Villmark Asylum

Norway has for the last deacade been one of the
most prominent Scandinavian countries when it
comes to horror. Movies like Dead Snow 1 and 2,
Next Door, Troll Hunter, Thale and the first Villmark
movie has been successes all over the world. Now
Pål Øie brings you the free standing sequel to
Villmark and once again Norway brings it!
A team of contract workers have been given the task
of measuring the amount of hazardous waste in an
old sanatorium set for demolition, located in the
remote forests of Norway. Upon arrival they are met
by Karl, the old janitor, who seems intent on staying
and they soon discover that he is not the only one
who is roaming the rooms and halls of the old
building. The dark secrets of the sanatorium reveal
themselves and they realise that you can demolish
a building but not always remove the past.
With Villmark Asylum Øie has created an atmospheric
and well crafted film that thanks in no small
part to the setting and mood takes hold of the
audience and does not let go until the credits roll.

Johan Barrander

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