A small group of Belgian journalists have for the first time ever been allowed to document the lives of a vampire family living among humans. The film crew is invited into the home of the vampire Georges, his wife Bertha and their two children Samson and Grace. We are invited to witness the buying of new coffins, the socializing with other vampires and get exiting insights into both their family life and feeding habits. The daughter turns out to be something of a problem child, who would rather be a living human being than a vampire. And there are also the recurring conflicts with the ones who live in their basement.

Vampires is a mockumentary, and show some interesting resemblances with the Belgian cult film classic Man Bites Dog (in which a film crew follows a serial killer). The biggest difference is, apart from the choice of theme, that this film is a bit more cheerful. This is an innovative vampire film which is wonderfully twisted, with a cleverly written script and good acting.

Maximillian Lestander

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