Lisa Boeri (Claudio Gerini) is a hardworking businesswoman during the day, but spends her nights at an erotic “members only” nightclub, where new encounters take place each night. A series of violent murders, which at first seem to have nothing to do with Lisa, shock her deeply when she realizes that the victims are all her former lovers from the club!

An enigmatic gloved murderer preys on innocent victims and Lisa becomes an amateur sleuth as she embarks on the hunt for the killer. The murders are violent and sadistic, the eroticism is daring, and the contemporary progressive rock soundtrack is way groovy.

Federico Zampaglione’s Tulpa taps deep into the Italian genre film heritage of Dario Argento, Sergio Martino and Mario Bava and the result is a deliciously lush and intriguing neo Giallo. Based on a story by the legendary Dardano Sacchetti, the style, tone and imagery vibrate with the ambiance and raison d’être of classic seventies Giallo.

Text: Jason Meredith

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