THE TRIPLE: Hard Way – The Action Musical

Action and violence are mixed with musical numbers in this crazy movie with a touch of humor. Jake works in a SWAT team in the police force of Detroit. He takes initiative, but is reckless. They fight a criminal gang called The Children, led by a woman called The Mother.

During an operation to save a senator, Jake chooses to save the politician instead of his friend Zach. When Jack leaves the building Zach is left behind and we hear a gunshot. Eight months later there is a mission with the goal of finally catching The Mother. In spite of his earlier actions, Jake hasn’t forgotten his friend. The film takes several twists and turns before everything is turned up-side-down in the end.

Text: Jimmy Seiersen

  • Original title: Hard Way – The Action Musical
  • Playing time: 33:17 mins.
  • Format: DCP
  • Genre:
  • Released:
  • Country:
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