The woman

A beautiful house on the countryside, a seemingly faultless man
and his idyllic family – does it seem to be alarming? It is. At least
in already controversial The Woman. When Christoper Cleek
finds a feral woman in the woods nearby, he does what he
considers to be the most suitable for the situation: he captures
her and locks her in a cellar. Because he and his family are
going to do the right thing, they’re going to turn the beast into a
decent woman. But where is the line drawn between inhuman
monster and civilized human? Who is the real monster?
After having his equally bizarre as cute May screened at our
festival in 2002, Lucky McKee is back with a creation that
completely drops the cute and takes the bizarre to a whole
new level. Whether you’ll think it’s repugnant, or actually a
terrorific horror flick and feminist hit, The Woman will provoke
on far more levels than the visual one. It can’t possibly leave
you indifferent.

Afsaneh Larsson

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