The Wild Hunt

Erik travels out into the Canadian forests in order to find his estranged girlfriend Evelyn, who has gone away with his brother Bjorn on a fantasy larp (more properly L.A.R.P., which is an acronym for Live-Action Role Play). He is reluctantly drawn into their world, a world where real life conflicts turns the game deadly serious, with tragic consequences.

Mainly a drama, The Wild Hunt begins on a slightly comical note, but one where the comedy for the most part lies in the culture clash between the main character and the larpers, rather than on the expense of the live action role players. The film soon develops a more sinister tone, much closer to a proper tragedy, quite reminiscent of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

The Wild Hunt is an intelligent exploration of fantasy and escapism, desire and obsession, with realistic and complex characters. The film, which marks Alexandre Franchi’s debut as a director, won the Best Canadian First Feature Film prize in 2009.

Maximillian Lestander

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