We follow the lives of three good friends, three boy band dancers, and three secretive orphaned sisters. We follow them through everyday problems such as money issues, unrequited love and the pursuit of happiness. We follow the girl with the penis rifle on the exciting hunt for the elusive Pinky-Panky. We see strange creatures, belly button eroticism and pornographic fruit. Perhaps we will find out why the girl in the shop is so big? Perhaps we will unravel the mysteries of the floating alien pyramid? Perhaps we’ll get more questions than answers? Perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing!

The Warped Forest is a Japanese surreal drama comedy with dreamy hallucinogenic properties. A little bit like if David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch had been more happy and fun! The film is a sequel to Funky Forest: The First Contact, but this time both directed and financed by Shunichiro Miki alone. Meaning this time, he could really go crazy…

Maximillian Lestander

(The screening is co-presented by Miki Shunichiro Office)

Short film: Banana Motherfucker
A group of film workers go out into the jungle to make a horror film. Unsuspecting, they are suddenly attacked by crazy killer-bananas! The bananas are here to stay!
Directed by: Fernando Alle, Pedro Florêncio

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