The Tower

The Tower

It’s Christmas Eve. The 108 story high luxurious Sky Tower is sparkling with joy and celebrations. Fireworks fill the sky and custom-made snow is peacefully falling down from helicopters circulating above. But what starts out as a cozy Christmas comedy quickly explodes into the epically action filled blockbuster that is The Tower.

Single father Dae-ho is working as a manager at Sky Tower and he works a lot, even this evening while his daughter is waiting for him in the lobby. Suddenly one of the snow choppers runs amok. Seconds later and the disaster is a devastating and deafening fact and father and daughter are trapped far away from each other in the collapsing building.

The Tower is a Die Hard-winking South Korean The Towering Inferno which succeeds in both creating characters to care for and demolishing an ill-fated skyscraper in the most spectacular ways. Wonderfully brutal explosions and nervy drama will get all 108+ seats in the movie theater to quake with suspense.

Text: Afsaneh Larsson

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