The Strange colour of your body’s tears

The Belgian directing duo behind Amer (2010) is back with this surreal and bloody visual puzzle.

When Dan Kristensen returns to his apartment from a business trip, he finds that his wife has vanished without a trace. Dan embarks on quest to find answers and finds himself trapped in his own building, in what turns out to be a china box of psychological agony.

The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears takes the viewer into a universe where any effort to unravel the mystery becomes a journey into the darkest depths of Dan’s soul. A world filled with dangerous eroticism, twisted identities and violent encounters are meticulously captured by cinematographer Manuels Dacosse fauvist colours. 70′s Bauhaus decors, Art Nouveau interiors and spectacular baroque architecture provide the backdrop for this nightmarish labyrinth; a landscape traversed by Danish actor Klas Tynge’s visceral presence.

A throwback to 70s Eurohorror phantasmagoria with visual dazzle and plot twists to enchant every fan of Lynch, Zulawski, Godard and Borges, it is in fact the unapologetic originality and the narrative audacity that makes this film a singular cinematic experience.

The short film Out of bounds is screened before the feature.

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