The Signal

To create exceptional sci-fi on a minimal budget you need not only a script which challenges limits. You also require imagery and art direction capable of moving an audience far from their own reality. Festival goers lucky enough to catch William Eubank’s debut, Angels and Airwaves backed indie sci-fi Love, at our jam-packed screening in 2011, are familiar with his ability to deliver precisely that. Eubank has a gift of combining great, emotional concepts and magnificent cinematography to make very much out of very little. With his second feature, this combination is driven home with grand force.

To reveal the plot of a film that revels in mind-bending surprise would be both unsympathetic and tactless. The Signal is a battle between the rationality and emotion of human beings, between logic and gut feeling. Maybe, just maybe, it is also a version of Plato’s Cave. The closest comparison would be a cross-breed of District 9 and Philip K. Dick’s paranoid world-twister Valis, inspired by The Twilight Zone.

Reality disintegrates and transforms. It will fill you with wonder.

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