The Scarlet Worm

It is with great pleasure that FFF finally has the opportunity to
present a brand new western movie in the programme! This
genre that practically owned the cinemas during the 50s and
60s, but in recent years has been confined to strange mash-up
movies with aliens and metal spiders.
Presented, as it should be, in beautiful Cinemascope, this is the
story of an aging, poetry-loving professional killer who takes
his job very seriously, and his old colleague who reinvented
himself as a barber who can’t cut hair. Mix this with a huge
dose of the Coen brothers’ style and Sam Pekinpah’s unique
and, to say the least, blood-splattered 70s westerns and you
have The Scarlet Worm. Or, as the critic in Fangoria said, “One
of the best movies you’ll see soon. It reinvents the Western. It is
a film that transcends its meager budget to show fledgling filmmakers
what can be achieved when imagination takes the reins”.

Lars Diurlin

2 Comments to “The Scarlet Worm”
  1. Pingo says:

    THE SCARLET WORM is one of the best westerns I’ve seen in later years. Wonderful images and a though provoking and curious story that deals with themes not common in this genre.

    If you have the chance to watch it – do so! You won’t be dissapointed.

  2. kevin giffin says:

    Whoa! Sweden eh? I LOVE Sweden! I have a great friend in Stockholm. Anyway, I am honored and delighted that you like it. I am the “old colleague who reinvented
    himself as a barber who can’t cut hair.”
    Anyone casting a good role in Sweden? Give me a call.

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