The Samurai

The Samurai is a delightfully queer arthouse slasher film. A thriller that mixes both realistic and nightmarish images with fountains of blood.

This modern fairy tale starts with the wolf sneaking around in the forest near the little town. Our protagonist and inhibited underdog, Jacob Wolski, tries to keep danger at bay by providing it with food. The townspeople mock him. Then, he meets a mysterious stranger, a blond, bridal gown wearing, katana swinging samurai. A stranger with whom Jacob has a strange connection. The Samurai goes into town and leaves a trail of destruction behind. Will Jacob be able to control the Samurai and stop the wreckage? Or will he be seduced by the way of the Samurai?

Kleinert wanted to make a film that breaks the conventions of the current German genre market. The result is a film that balances on the edge between dream and reality. A film that will split the audience in half because it does what it wants and doesn’t give a shit about which road you want it to go down. But no matter which team you’re on, we can guarantee a final scene you won’t forget.

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