The Open

The beauty of LIFFF is that we get the chance to show you the truly unique films, the one’s you would not have seen at the movies otherwise. Marc Lahore’s The Open is undoubtedly one of those. How else would you describe a film about a tennis tournament set during the apocalypse without a ball, without a net and without the strings.

André and Stephanie is lives for tennis, it’s their life and even though the world is burning around them they stick to their dream of the French Openno matter the costs. Along with a guerrilla warrior, they will hold their tournament, their The Open.

With this film, shot in harsh conditions at The Isle of Skye with a small team Lahore tells a fantastic story about faith, dreams and determination set against hopelessness and an approaching end. Mad Max meets Andy Murray, Waiting For Godot meets Tank Girl! You owe it to yourself to see this movie!

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