The Midnight swim

Spirit Lake has no bottom. For sisters June, Isa and Annie, it has always been a part of their lives.

After their mother, who spent her life protecting the lake, vanishes, the sisters return to Spirit Lake to settle her affairs and rekindle their bonds. June, the youngest, is an artist who obsessively films the events with enchanting photography. The camera acts to shield her from the outside world. Through her faux doc-perspective, the audience follows the story.

In her debut, Sarah Adina Smith lets the intimate and the mystical entangle. Through June’s camera the audience is confronted not only with the mystery surrounding the mother and Spirit Lake, but also sisterhood, the strength is gives and the tears it causes. Through small, warm gestures or admonishing looks, the sisters act out a relationship which ties together, but also breaks down. The Midnight Swim is a metaphysical free dive which grazes something unknown, vast and terrifying. Sometimes the greatest of mysteries are too close to see, other than in the corners of the eye, or ripples in water.

The short film Interview is screened before the feature.

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