The Machine


The Machine takes place in a near future where the world has plunged into a second Cold War, this time it’s the West against China in an arms race with artificial intelligence instead of warheads. The machine in focus is a passion project of two British programmers developed with good intentions, but the British Ministry of Defense has other plans in mind as they intend to use the beautiful humanoid creation as a weapon against the Chinese. They’ve obviously never seen The Terminator..

Visionary filmmaker Caradog W. James brings us a uniquely beautiful and intelligent tech noir with a Vangelis-styled electronic soundtrack and dark atmospheric visuals that makes us feel like the 80’s never ended. Although the premise is familiar, The Machine is no mechanical creation as it constantly raises new moral questions on what it means to be human. But the biggest question of all remains – will you risk missing out on a sci-fi that’s already been compared to Blade Runner?

Text: Jakob Åsell

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