The Lost Bladesman

A long time ago in a China, that was about to be changed to the core, a warrior lived that is famous respected and worshipped even to this day; Guan Yu. During this brutal, but legendary time; the era of the Three Kingdoms, the real heroes were scarce and Guan Yu was one of the few.

The film begins with Guan Yu, having been taken prisoner by prime minister Cao Cao who urges him to switch sides. Desperate to bring an end to the fighting, and with Cao Cao holding his beloved Qilan hostage, Guan Yu agrees to lend his enemy his mighty skills during a key battle. With this done, Cao Cao apparently grants him leave and Guan Yu sets off on the long journey home. Cao Cao’s generals believe that in doing so they are unleashing a tiger, and make plans to have him killed.

Guan Yu is played by the magnificent Donnie Yen, who also choreographed the film brilliantly and the duo behind Infernal Affairs directs the film with a steady hand.

Afsaneh Larsson

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