You’re working as a cook in an asylum in the middle of nowhere, Washington. It’s 1989 and you’re tired after a late gig with your band. Thick glass separates you and your friends in the kitchen from the inmates, who are, thankfully, sedated. It’s not pleasant, but there are guards there to protect you, should anything go wrong. Outside, you hear thunder. The last thing you see before the power goes, is some of the inmates spitting their pills out. Now you’re locked in, with them. And there’s nothing to stop them from doing whatever they want – with the guards, with each other or with you.

Alexandre Courtés, know for his striking videos for The White Stripes and U2, lets his feature debut run straight into madness. A smart and patient build-up towards an insane bloodbath, with terrifying, violent scenes that feel both real and close enough to make your heart stop in sheer panic. It’s something you can’t, and shouldn’t, close your eyes to.

Joakim Sten

Attending guest: Alexandre Courtès

(The screening is co-presented by Njuta Films)

Short film: Legend
A ten year old girl is on a road trip with her family. She reads a legend about a pack of wolves that kidnaps a human child. But is it really just a legend?
Directed by: Pau Teixidor

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