The Glass man

Martin, a quiet middleclass man, gets laid off from his job in
the financial sector. The shame prevents him from telling his
wife and he continues to go through his everyday schedule,
and as a result he becomes heavily indebted. Reality breaks
through when one night Pecco, a no-nonsense debt collector,
makes a call to his door. Martin has only one way to save
himself: he has to join Pecco on an important job, without
knowing what kind of a job it is.
Director Cristian Solimeno builds his psychological twister
on an impressive cast. Andy Nyman (Martin) is familiar to
the festival audience from films such as Severance and Black
Death. James Cosmo (Pecco) is among our most well known
character actors, recently featured in the tv-series Game of
Thrones. Neve Campbell (Julie, Martins wife) needs no further
introduction. Together with these three, we tag along on a
nightly ride through London, down into the darkness on the
border between reality and madness.

Joakim Sten

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