The FP

The classic story of the younger brother avenging his brother’s
death is a staple of books & cinema. The latest filmmakers
to tackle this subject are the Trost brothers, and they don’t
just tackle it. They put it in a headlock & pummel it for good
On the mean streets of Frazier Park, gangs battle for turf and
supremacy in the baddest way possible; Beat Beat Revolution.
JTro is the younger brother of the legendary dancer BTro and
together they run one of the leading gangs. When the opening
dance-off leaves BTro dead and The FP in their rivals hands,
he gets disillusioned and leaves town. But when things go from
bad to worse in The FP he’s forced to face his demons and to
step up to the bad guys.
This film is a wonderful love letter to the films of the late 70s
and 80s like The Warriors and Escape From NY to name but a
few, but it still has its own distinct style and one giant big heart
beat beat beating in it’s chest.

Johan Barrander

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